Just Became A Lawyer? Why It's Important To Join A Legal Association

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If you've just been newly minted as an attorney, you truly have something to be proud of. Not everyone has the tenacity to endure the years of grueling study that it takes to pass all of the examinations which give you the right to practice law. However, even though you may have completed your education and are ready to get started, there's another step that you should think about taking:  Joining a legal association.

11 December 2017

Three Things You Should Do Following A Car Accident To Protect Yourself Legally

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No one ever plans on getting into a car accident, so when it happens, it can often be an experience that leaves you feeling flustered. That said, the first moments following a car accident when you are interacting with the other driver can be of critical importance should you ever end up in a courtroom. To that end, here are a few things you should consider doing in the immediate aftermath of a car accident.

11 November 2017

Do You Really Need Estate Planning If You Are Single?

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As a single person with no children, the thought of estate planning may not be on the forefront of your mind. Not having any dependents left behind would seem to make the process of settling your estate much more straightforward. However, having your estate planned out as a single person can be very beneficial to you. Your planned estate will ensure that all of your wishes are met. This includes before you pass away.

20 September 2017

Now What? How To Help Your Teen If They've Been Arrested

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If your teen has been arrested, and is being charged with a crime, you probably have a million thoughts running through your head. If this is your teens first run-in with the law, you might not know what to do right now. Unfortunately, you can't simply pretend it's not happening. Your teen is going to need you, so it's important that you act fast, and appropriately. Here are three important tips that will help you navigate the legal system, and help your teen through this experience.

20 September 2017

Two Reasons You Shouldn'T Feel Ashamed Of Filing Bankruptcy

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For some reason, wealth is conflated with morality in America. The more money you have, the more moral and righteous you appear. So it's not surprising that people who mismanage money or incur so much debt they have to file bankruptcy are often stigmatized and shamed, which can cause others to avoid taking advantage of this beneficial legal process. However, here are two reasons why you shouldn't give into this kind of thinking that may prevent you from getting the help you need to gain control of your finances.

13 September 2017

Top 4 Reasons You Should Hire A Lawyer After A Motorcycle Accident

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Vehicle accidents can drastically disrupt a person's life, but motorcycle accidents tend to result in more severe injuries for motorcycle riders. Unfortunately, many automobile drivers do not keep an eye out for motorcycles, and many accidents involving motorcycles are not the fault of the motorcycle rider. If you're involved in a motorcycle accident that is not your fault, it is in your best interest to contact motorcycle accident legal services that specialize in representing people involved in motorcycle accidents.

7 September 2017

Understand The Types Of Distracted Driving

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One driving law in many states that can be confusing is the distracted driving law. This is because it is often used as a catch-all for a variety of dangerous behaviors that occur behind the wheel. If you have been in an accident, you may be wondering if the other driver's actions count as distracted driving. The following list can help you determine if this is the case. Radio fiddling

30 August 2017

3 Excellent Reasons To Hire A Bankruptcy Attorney

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If you have found yourself in the unfortunate position where you are deep in debt that you cannot pay off, then you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy. This is a solution that can help you to get a fresh start. However, bankruptcy can be a bit daunting when trying to file on your own. Thankfully, you have the option of hiring a bankruptcy attorney to help you out. This article will discuss 3 excellent reasons to hire a bankruptcy attorney.

22 August 2017

Is An Annulment Right For You?

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If you want to dissolve your marriage, one of the options you have at your disposal is an annulment. Annulments are similar to a divorce, except it legally makes it as if  your marriage never existed. After the annulment, you can go back to calling yourself single rather than divorced. If you want to know more about an annulment and wonder if it's right in your case, then here are some questions and answers about annulments.

9 August 2017

3 Realistic Things You Should Know About Divorce

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There are many people who are thinking of a divorce. Since divorce is all around, and nearly everyone knows someone who has been divorced you might think that you understand the process of divorce. However, there still are some misconceptions about divorce that should be cleared up. Here are some things you should know. 1. You Will Have To Pay Your Own Divorce Bills One of the biggest stressors for people during a divorce is the money.

1 August 2017