Three Things You Should Do Following A Car Accident To Protect Yourself Legally

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No one ever plans on getting into a car accident, so when it happens, it can often be an experience that leaves you feeling flustered. That said, the first moments following a car accident when you are interacting with the other driver can be of critical importance should you ever end up in a courtroom. To that end, here are a few things you should consider doing in the immediate aftermath of a car accident.

​Call the Police

If you want your side of the story to hold up in a courtroom, you'll want to have an official account of the accident from the police. If the accident is more minor in nature you might think you can get by without calling the cops, but what happens if the other driver wakes up the next day with some newfound pain in their back or neck? A police report can protect you if the other driver suddenly changes their story after leaving the site of the accident.

Don't Be Shy About Photographs

Most car owners know to collect basic information from the scene of an accident like the insurance information of the other driver. But the first few moments after the wreck are also the most optimal time to start collecting other types of evidence. Whip out your smart phone and get to work photographing both cars and any signs on the road that might have played a role in what happened. If the other driver crossed into your lane, try and frame a photo showing the direction they were coming from when they hit you. Since most accidents happen on public roads, you have every right to take as many photographs as you please.

Write Down a Complete Report As Soon As You Get Home

Once you leave the scene of the accident you will of course want to contact your insurance company or perhaps start looking through the yellow pages at local auto accident attorneys. But before you get on the phone with anyone, you should get your story straight. Write up a report that includes all information gathered at the scene including things like names, insurance information, license plate numbers and of course those photos you took earlier. The immediate aftermath of a car accident can sometimes leave you feeling hazy and out of sorts, so make sure you have your head on straight before you move forward with your case.

What you do and say immediately following a car accident can end up playing a big role if the case should ever make it to court. Document everything on site and jot down as many details as you can following the wreck. If you believe you might be getting into a prolonged legal situation, contact a local auto accident lawyer immediately.


11 November 2017

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