3 Realistic Things You Should Know About Divorce

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There are many people who are thinking of a divorce. Since divorce is all around, and nearly everyone knows someone who has been divorced you might think that you understand the process of divorce. However, there still are some misconceptions about divorce that should be cleared up. Here are some things you should know.

1. You Will Have To Pay Your Own Divorce Bills

One of the biggest stressors for people during a divorce is the money. Rightfully so, money can be a major problem if you don't have enough, and if you are fighting with a spouse about money. This is why it is so important to make sure that you have some money in a bank account that is in your name only that can be used for your living expenses and divorce expenses. You will need to pay your divorce attorney a retainer up front. If you don't have this retainer it will be very hard to move forward with your divorce. You don't want to have to delay getting a divorce because you can't afford it. This is why it is so important to start saving early on and be prepared to pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your divorce fees.

2. You Could Hurt Yourself By Moving Out Too Early

Another common mistake that people make is moving out of their house too early. If you and your spouse are fighting you might be tempted to move out. The concern is that when you leave the house without a formal separation agreement it could hurt you. This is because when you leave you give your spouse adverse possession of the house. That means until the divorce is resolved they can prevent you from getting back into the house and pretty much take possession of everything in the house. They can change the locks and make your life pretty miserable. This is why you should talk to an attorney first and get a separation agreement.

3. Dating Before The Divorce Is Final Can Hurt You

Lastly, never start dating before the divorce is final. You may be lonely and ready to get back out there, but it can hurt you legally and it can hurt your chances for custody. This is why you should wait to put your name on dating websites, and stay away from singles events until the divorce is fully final.

By understanding these things you can protect yourself. 


1 August 2017

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