What Should You Do If Involved In A Holiday Accident?


The holidays are a joyful and family-filled time of year for many -- but unfortunately, all this fun and togetherness can often result in injury. The holiday season (November through December) marks the peak time for traffic accidents, injuries from falls, and home fires. How can you avoid being involved in a holiday accident, and what steps should you take if you are involved in an accident? Read on to learn more about how to protect yourself during the holiday season.

29 December 2014

5 Ways To Make Filing For Bankruptcy Go As Smoothly As Possible

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Filing for bankruptcy is often the best way out of a complicated financial tangle, but it's also a complex process that many people find frustrating. The court can also deny a motion for bankruptcy if all of the conditions have not been met. To make it even more complicated, laws that were enacted in 2005 make filing for bankruptcy more difficult than it was in the past. Proper preparation is important in order to make the transition go as smoothly as possible.

26 December 2014

Personal Injury Law Cases: Dealing With Medical Conditions Linked To Exposure To Asbestos

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Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate material that was commonly used in the past due to its desirable properties, like its sound absorption properties, high average tensile strength, and resistance to heat, fire and a wide array of different chemicals; however, its use was abruptly halted once scientists figured out that its use came with terrifying consequences to one's health. Surprisingly, over 1.3 million Americans are still exposed to asbestos on a daily basis.

15 September 2014