Who Takes The Blame For Car Accidents In A Parking Lot?

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Car accidents happen in parking lots all the time. Sometimes, it's hard to say who was at fault when the accident happens. Figuring out blame becomes even more important when someone suffers an injury from the car accident. To figure it out, lawyers must answer a few questions. How Did the Accident Happen? A car accident can happen several ways in a parking lot. Cars backing into each other Pulling forward into traffic Backing out into traffic Collision as cars try to claim same space In addition, accidents can also occur if cars fail to obey any of the parking lot's signage.

6 March 2017

Winning The Lottery: 3 Ways To Avoid Major Pitfalls & Problems

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Winning the lottery is often a pipe dream for many people. It's an instant way to win millions of dollars. When it does happen, there are many benefits and exciting things, but there are also a lot of important considerations to think about. You'll likely hear a lot of talk from family, friends, and complete strangers. Understanding all of your options and getting the best answers is the best way to move forward successfully with your lottery winnings.

23 February 2017

Winning A Car Accident Case: 3 Tips To Choosing The Right Witness


Car accidents happen so quickly that it can be difficult to recollect the event in detail afterwards. If you're involved in a personal injury claim for the car accident, you can benefit tremendously from having a witness testify on your behalf. Your witness does not necessarily have to attend court and might only be required to provide a statement. In general, witnesses are only summoned to court if the case cannot be settled; however, finding the right witness can help you settle your case more easily.

16 January 2017

3 Things To Evaluate Before You Sue For Injuries From An Auto Accident

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When a person causes a car accident that leaves another person injured, the injured party has the right to seek compensation for the injuries. If you are in this type of situation and would like to know how to go about seeking compensation for your injuries, there are several things you will need to know. The main thing to understand is that suing the responsible party for compensation is normally considered the last resort.

13 December 2016

Did Your Spouse Pay the Ultimate Sacrifice Before Becoming a US Citizen? Here's What You Need to Know

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Over 31,000 people serving in the U.S. armed forces are not American citizens. These service members put their lives on the line fighting for freedom, and some of them die while doing so. The United States recognizes and honors all service members, especially those who pay the ultimate sacrifice, and in the case of non-citizens, the U.S. allows the fallen soldiers' closest family members to apply for posthumous citizenship on their behalf.

4 November 2016

Facing Your First Legal Malpractice Claim? What Are Your Defense Options?

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If you're like most attorneys, you faithfully pay your malpractice insurance premiums with the hope that this will wind up being money down the drain after you go decades without ever enlisting the help of your insurer. Unfortunately, malpractice lawsuits can befall individuals at any stage of their careers, and you may at some point find yourself being personally served a complaint by a representative of your former client. Even attorneys who are well-versed in other areas of the law may not be familiar with malpractice defense, and having your reputation -- or even your professional license -- on the line can be a highly stressful experience.

8 August 2016

Arm Injuries: 4 Financial Impacts For Lobster Fishermen

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Being a lobster fisherman is a career that is filled with hard work and great rewards. If you're a lobster fisherman, then you understand how much physical labor and stamina is needed on a daily basis. Being involved in a personal injury like a car accident can dramatically change your ability to properly fish, especially if your injure your arm. Losing out on this type of work can mean that you've lost out on a lot of money.

11 July 2016