Drowning Accidents: Instances When They Cause Death And How To Seek Justice If Your Relative Loses Their Life

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A drowning accident can cause death within a short time if the victim does not get immediate help. As such, pool managers and owners have an obligation to take all the necessary measures to prevent these accidents on their premises. Unfortunately, some of these owners and managers are negligent or engage in intentionally harmful behaviors that lead to swimmers losing their lives. If this happens to your relative, you may bring a claim against the wrongdoers to seek compensation for their demise. Therefore, you may want to hire a lawyer to help you pursue justice, especially if the following issues caused your relative's death.

Some Causes of Death in Drowning Accidents

Drowning accidents may happen because pool owners do not install safety features to protect swimmers. For instance, they might not install gates, fences, latches, and other features that prevent unauthorized access or falls into the pool. Some pool owners also do not repair or replace broken sections and equipment, which increases the risk of injuries to swimmers. Moreover, some pool accidents may lead to death if lifeguards fail to monitor or supervise swimmers properly. Lack of warning signs is another contributor to accidents and deaths in swimming pools. This is because swimmers are unaware that the area is dangerous.

Some pools also pose hazards to swimmers because the facilities lack adequate and effective life-saving equipment to use in an emergency. In addition, they might have unsafe walking surfaces that can result in fatal slip-and-fall accidents. Some swimmers can also suffer skin and respiratory issues from swimming in pools that have dangerous chemicals. If any of these issues lead to the death of your relative, you may have grounds to sue the offender for wrongful death. Therefore, you need to hire a lawyer to prepare and file a lawsuit against the negligent parties.

The Assistance of an Attorney When Seeking Justice

There is a time limit for filing wrongful death claims, and this is considered from the date of the victim's death. Accordingly, your lawyer will take all the necessary steps to file a claim before the deadline. During this time, they will gather evidence to prove negligence and show the wrongdoer's involvement in your relative's death. The evidence will likely include photos of the hazards in and around the pool. In addition, the legal practitioner will use medical documents to help prove that the death occurred because your relative was involved in a drowning accident.

The death of a loved one because of a pool accident can cause financial losses and mental suffering to your family. If this happens, you may consider hiring wrongful death attorneys—such as Bradley Drendel & Jeanney—to help you pursue justice. They will investigate the death, gather evidence to prove wrongdoing, and file claims against the negligent parties.


15 November 2022

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