Logistical Considerations Of Online Mediation

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Mediation is one option to get during a divorce. You and your spouse can avoid litigation and work out the details of your divorce together through mediation. With the onset of the global pandemic, many divorcing couples have turned to online mediation to obtain a divorce. However, there are some logistical issues you need to consider before moving forward with online divorce mediation.

How Will You Choose a Mediator?

Since you will not be meeting mediators in person, choosing one you can both agree on may prove difficult. You and your spouse should go through a large list of possible mediators and fully vet each one to find one you can both agree on. Consider video conferencing or calling those you are serious about for an interview.

What If You Still Live Together?

If you and your spouse have not yet separated residences yet, it may be difficult to obtain a proper level of privacy. You need to have some privacy during your online mediation meetings to ensure you and your attorney can share privileged information without anyone hearing about it. If you still live in the same home, find somewhere else to go. A friend or family member's home is a good option as you can go into a quiet bedroom out of earshot of anyone else.

How Will You Speak to the Mediator Privately?

There may be a time in which you need to speak to the mediator during your meetings without the other parties listening in. This will highly depend on the communication systems chosen by your mediator. If you are video conferencing, your mediator may set up private rooms for each client to ask questions without the other party hearing. Other mediators may just have you call them on the phone during the meeting with questions. Be sure to discuss this with potential mediators.

What About Documentation?

Another concern for online mediation is physical documentation. Divorce requires the submission of a lot of financial and otherwise sensitive documentation. You will need to discuss how this will be handled with your mediator. The mediator may opt to courier the information directly from you. You may also be asked to submit the documents electronically. You might be asked to send the information via traditional or certified mail.

If you are planning to get divorced and you are interested in mediation, online mediation may be the only option. Be sure to speak to different mediators so you and your spouse choose the one best for both of you. Talk to a local divorce mediation firm, such as Mediation Solutions LLC, to learn more.


16 September 2021

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