Do You Need A Real Estate Closing Attorney?

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Purchasing a residential or commercial property can be your lifetime investment, and you want the process to end without issues. With the vast real estate industry, you can be sure to find your dream house. That being said, how do you ensure you avoid common pitfalls when closing the deal? Whether you have been in the industry or this is your first purchase, you need a real estate closing lawyer, and here is why:

Coordinating Different Stakeholders for a Smooth Process

The real estate closing lawyer can save you heartaches by communicating to all involved parties. These may include the buyer, seller, lenders, surveyors, and brokers. The closing needs to address critical issues, and this requires effective coordination. 

While the attorney could participate throughout the process, the most important involvement is during closing. They can prepare important documents for involved parties to avoid inconveniences after settling the deal. 

Reviewing Documents

A real estate transaction could involve several legal documents, and without a legal expert in the field, you may sign something you don't understand well. Having a real estate closing attorney ensures you comprehend every document.

They use their legal knowledge to explain disbursement, settlement statements, a note, and a deed. This way, you can be sure you're doing the right thing. They can also come for your defense if things go south after closing the deal. 

Gathering Relevant Information

One of the most significant assignments for a real estate attorney is to collect information from different sources. This is critical when closing the deal. The information may include:

  • Home warranty
  • The property's insurance policies
  • Home inspection reports
  • Homeowners association dues
  • Title search

The title search is essential, and a real estate closing attorney can coordinate this to clear any doubts. The lawyer collaborates with the county clerk of courts office to check whether there could be lawsuits associated with the property. 

The lawyer also checks county records. They also collaborate with the municipality to clear issues like outstanding assessment. All these are important for anyone looking to purchase a property.

During a real estate transaction, the buyer and seller must align their interests to ensure the entire process can meet their needs. For compliance with all necessities, an attorney should be part of the closing. 


Have you found your dream home and are looking to close the deal? You may want to consult with a real estate closing attorney to guide you for a successful process.


4 June 2021

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