Handling A DUI Case As A Tourist In America

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When you are involved in an accident in your own country, that can be difficult enough. However, when you are involved in an accident while you are on vacation, you won't understand the laws of the location you're in, you'll be away from a support network, and you may risk being barred from multiple countries. Fortunately, a DUI defense attorney is here to help.

Being Barred From a Country for a DUI

The consequences of receiving a DUI do not stop at the border. There are several countries that will bar you from entry if you perform a DUI. These countries include:

  • Mexico
  • South Africa
  • Canada
  • Iran
  • China
  • Japan
  • Malaysia

If you would like to enter one of these countries after having been charged with a DUI, you will want to speak with an attorney. In addition to fines and possible incarceration, you may face an immediate suspension of your license in the state in which you were driving. 

However, you will be able to request a hearing within 10 days and your license will not be suspended until after your case has been resolved. To resolve your case favorably, you will want to speak with a DUI defense attorney.

Being Pulled Over

When you are pulled over, you will want to be polite to the officer and provide contact information. The officer will likely want you to perform a sobriety test or a breathalyzer test. In most states, you are required to submit to a breathalyzer test. Otherwise, you might have your driver's license suspended and failure to take a breathalyzer test can also be seen as evidence of a "consciousness of guilt."

Contacting an Attorney

After the arrest incident, you will want to speak with a DUI attorney in the state in which you were arrested. Every case is different and you won't know what all your options are unless you speak with an attorney who has handled cases similar to you in the jurisdiction in which you were arrested.

Even if you have submitted to a DUI test, that doesn't mean that you will be considered guilty. DUI attorneys in the past have successfully challenged the results of a breathalyzer test and had DUI charges dropped. Also, you have rights that the police officer is expected to follow and evidence of the violation of your rights can lead to your charges being dropped even as a non-citizen.

For more information, contact a local DUII attorney.


29 December 2020

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