The Dangers Of A Truck Accident Are Compounded When Chemicals Are Involved

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Trucking companies often transport products that are very hazardous and toxic. This can include chemicals, gases, solvents, and paints. Because trucks are large and heavy, any collision with them is likely to be catastrophic. However, when the truck is transporting hazardous materials, you may also suffer damages due to toxic exposure.

The Truck Accident

In one scenario, a negligent truck driver collides with your vehicle. This not only damages your vehicle and injures you but the force of the impact also ruptures the tank and causes the toxic chemicals to spill onto the road. You breathe the chemicals in or the chemicals come in contact with your skin.

In another scenario, the truck ruptures on its own. As you drive through the area, you come in contact with the toxic chemicals as they spray through an open window on your car or you inhale the fumes. Regardless of the scenario, if the truck driver is negligent, you may have a case that a truck accident lawyer can help you win.

The Effects of Toxic Exposure

Exposure to toxic chemicals can lead to health effects such as organ damage, blindness, respiratory disorders, cancer, and brain damage. Exposure to toxic chemicals can be fatal or can leave you with expensive medical bills for the rest of your life. You might become disabled and find yourself unable to work. 

Not only must you suffer these damages to be entitled to compensation, but you must also prove that the damages you have suffered are directly related to the exposure to toxic chemicals. This will require the help of chemists and scientists who can explain the effects that the chemicals have on the human body. Fortunately, a great truck accident lawyer is in contact with several expert witnesses who can help you build your case.

Legal Representation You Deserve

When hiring a truck accident lawyer, you'll have an easier time fighting your case if the lawyer you hire also has experience with cases involving toxic exposure. That way, you will be working with a team that will know the obstacles that a plaintiff often encounters when seeking compensation for injuries related to toxic exposure. Your case will include:

  • Witness statements
  • Medical records
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Police reports
  • Trucking company records

Keeping track of all of these legal documents can be tricky but is much more manageable with the help of a truck accident legal team.


29 July 2020

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