4 Milestones You'll Experience with Your Workers' Compensation Case

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Many people consider workers compensation insurance a quick solution when they get hurt or sick at work. Workers' compensation is just that to most but the process is somewhat more complicated for others. You can, however, track your progress by noting major milestones along the way. Read on to find out more.

1. Temporary Disability Wages

Most workers take advantage of the benefits available at this point. Things like partial disability wages and free medical care can continue for some time. Many workers are only out of work for a few weeks before returning to their regular positions. Unfortunately, not all injuries cooperate on a timescale. When it appears your injury is not allowing you to return to work when expected, you may move on to the next milestone in benefits.

2. Independent Medical Exam (IME)

To determine more about the illness or injury, the workers' compensation insurer might ask the worker to participate in something called an independent medical exam (IME). The IME is performed by a new doctor employed under contract with the insurer and the exact nature of the injury is examined in great detail. Questions about the injury are asked of the worker and diagnostic tests may be ordered. The purpose of the exam is to find out when or if the worker can return to their previous job. In some cases, more time is needed to improve. In some cases, you can't really expect further improvement.

3. Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)

Some accident victims end up with an injury that is more or less permanent. When no further improvement is expected, it's known as maximum medical improvement. This ruling by the doctor carries several important meanings to the hurt worker. You won't be able to return to your job and you may not be able to work at any job in the future. It depends on the nature of the injury and the percentage you are disabled.

4. Insurance Settlements

If you are ruled to be at MMI, a settlement is the next milestone. It will be the final milestone if you are offered a sufficient amount to live on but you are also entitled to several levels of appeals if any rulings are in disagreement. What the worker's comp insurer offers you is negotiable. That means you have a say in how much you are paid. You will need the help of a workers comp lawyer to negotiate with the insurer and to know how much it's possible to be paid. Find out more about all of the above by speaking with a worker's compensation lawyer.


17 October 2019

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