Why It's Smart To Register A Trademark Well Before You Start To Use It

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When many people think about starting small businesses, they take a number of important steps to get the venture up and running. The idea of protecting your name, slogan, and logo might be something that crosses your mind, but it may seem like a minor priority compared to tasks such as developing a website, beginning to market your brand, and building a social media following. However, now is the right time to consult with a trademark attorney and work on getting trademarks set up for your new business. Here are some reasons that it's smart to go through this process now.

You'll Be Busier Later On

It's easy to postpone registering trademarks for your business until you get the business off the ground, but the reality is that once you reach this point, starting to think about trademarks is the last thing for which you'll have time. The early days, weeks, and months after launching a business are full and often hectic, with you needing to juggle a multitude of tasks to get people aware of your brand and interested in it. When you register your trademarks before you launch the brand, you'll be able to devote more time to this important process.

You Won't Forget

If you decide that you'll deal with your trademarks once your business is established, there's a very real possibility that you'll forget entirely about this idea. In addition to being busy, your mind will be occupied by looking forward. You'll be thinking about your next marketing campaign, what additional products and services you can introduce, and even about adding people to your team. Even in quiet periods, your mind may be so filled with things to think about that the likelihood of thinking about trademarks is low.

You Won't Run Into Problems

When you launch a brand, there's always a risk that someone else might evaluate your brand, decide that he or she could do it better, and quickly launch a venture that is similar — perhaps with a similar name and logo. Without trademarks in place, you'll struggle in this situation. It's always smart to register your trademarks with the help of an attorney before you release your brand to the public. Doing so prevents unfortunate situations such as the above, which can threaten your business, cost you time and money, and add considerable stress at a time in your life that is already busy.

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2 April 2019

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