Examples of Federal Crimes and Defenses Your Lawyer May Use

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Federal crimes are the worst of the worst. Even when the crime does not hurt someone or damage something, you know that the punishment is still going to be quite extreme. The following are examples of some federal crimes, and how your federal criminal lawyer may defend you.

Counterfeiting Money

The national currency is under protection of federal law. You could receive up to twenty-five years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines. That is the starting point for punishment for being involved with the act of counterfeiting money. If you actually use the counterfeit money for personal gain, and/or cause legal trouble and hardship for someone else with the fake money, your prison sentence and fines go up from there.

The best defense you can hope for when charged with counterfeiting is that you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you have an otherwise clean criminal record, and/or you "rat" out the rest of the people creating the fake money, your lawyer may be able to secure a plea bargain for less prison time and a lesser fine. If it can be proven that you just happened to show up on the day when the counterfeiters were caught and you had other unrelated business, you may not have to go to federal prison, but a state penitentiary may still be in your future.

Stealing Anything from the White House While on Tour

There are many tourists who attempt to take a souvenir from the Oval Office or some other area of the White House while touring the place. You should do your utmost to avoid taking anything because it is considered "grand larceny of federal property." Even if you take a cheap pen off of the desk of the president, you could be prosecuted as though you had stolen the president's black car or a piece of antique White House furniture.

You cannot claim ignorance in any law when you are accused of a crime. Your lawyer however, may claim that you got caught up in the excitement of touring a national landmark of extreme importance that you borrowed a pen and forgot to give it back. Maybe you needed an extra box of tissues, and you did not think the president would miss them. Your lawyer may have to get creative, but hopefully you will not spend time in prison for a such a simple mistake. (If you are, in fact, accused of taking something much larger and more valuable, that is more difficult to defend.)


20 July 2018

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