Five Tips On Meeting With Your Lawyer For The First Time

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Your first meeting with your lawyer is important in determining how smoothly your legal issues will be resolved. You need to know how to deal with your first interview to set yourself out on the right track toward getting the outcome you seek.

The following are five things you should make sure you do when you meet with your lawyer for the first time:

Be upfront about your legal issues

You need to lay out your situation clearly and honestly during your initial interview with your attorney. A lot of clients are reluctant to come clean about everything with their lawyers, but it's important to be completely honest.

Always remember that your lawyer is on your side. You can be completely open with your lawyer without fearing any negative consequences. If you don't tell the whole story at your initial interview with your lawyer, you may end up wasting a lot of your lawyer's time and effort and thereby costing yourself more money over the long term.

Come prepared with a list of questions to ask

You shouldn't go to a first interview with a lawyer until you've had time to prepare. Anyone facing legal issues inevitably has a lot of questions and concerns.

Write down everything you want to go over before the initial appointment so that you know best how to proceed with your case after the initial meeting is finished.

Get all the information you can out of the encounter

When you get to your appointment, cut to the chase. Don't waste time talking about superfluous details. You may not understand how the legal world works, so you need to make the most of your meeting. 

Make sure you understand how fees are calculated

Perhaps the most important thing that you need to discuss at an initial meeting with your lawyer is how much you're going to be charged to resolve your legal issues.

Make sure you know what to expect when you get a bill from your lawyer. Don't hire lawyer before you understand how fees are charged and what will be expected of you as the client.

Come with any evidence or pertinent documents

You'll be as productive as possible at your first meeting with your lawyer if you bring along any pertinent financial documents or other pieces of evidence relating to your case.

Your lawyer will best be able to evaluate your situation if he or she has all the relevant information or evidence available immediately from the first meeting. 

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25 July 2017

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