3 Important Reasons Why Your Case Needs A Workers Comp Attorney

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Have you been injured while at work? Does it seem like you're never going to be compensated for your injury? While you might hope that workers compensation will kick in as soon as you file a claim, this isn't always so. Unfortunately, you may have to do more than simply file a basic claim in order to see any money. Finding a lawyer who can help you with your case may be the best option. Some of the most important reasons why you should hire one include:

No up-front payment: Some people may tell you not to hire a workers comp attorney because they are expensive and will charge you a lot of money. While this can be true for some types of lawyers, it's not true in this case. Lawyers who handle workers compensation cases do not charge anything up front. In addition, they typically only charge a percentage of what you receive once the case has been settled. Since it's quite possible that you might receive nothing at all without the help of an attorney, handing over a small portion of that in exchange for their hard work will start to sound like a very good deal. 

Be taken more seriously: Although you might prefer to be able to handle as much as possible on your own, the truth is that you're not always taken seriously unless you have an attorney handling matters. If you're trying to do everything yourself, the insurance company may well assume that you're not all that serious about your claim and so they will automatically give your claim a lower priority. Having a workers comp attorney shows the insurance company that you feel that you have a strong claim and that the attorney thinks that you have a strong claim so they should pay more attention to the documentation that you've provided.

Benefit from more experience: Chances are good that you've never made a workers compensation claim before. If you've never dealt with this kind of situation before, the whole process can seem extremely confusing. An experienced workers comp attorney will have handled hundreds or even thousands of cases by now. As a result, he or she should have a pretty good idea of exactly what is needed so that your claim gets processed as quickly as possible. Without the help of an attorney like Rizzi Law Group, it could feel like you're running around in circles as the workers compensation insurance company keeps asking for what seems like the same information over and over again. 


10 April 2017

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