Steps To Take After Getting Injured At Work

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Being harassed by your supervisor after suffering an injury at work that wasn't your fault is unacceptable. If he or she has been denying you time off of work and simply demoted you to a lower position, you don't have to accept it. There is something that can be done legally, and you might be able to take time off without losing your job. You just have to take the right steps to handle the situation in a legal manner so everything will work out in your favor. Take a look at this article for suggestions in regards to the situation with your supervisor.

1. Get a Medical Explanation of Why You Can't Work

Your first step to resolving the situation should be to speak to the physician that has been treating your injury. Ask the physician to write an explanation of the type of injury that you have. Make sure that he or she explains why you are temporarily unable to work with such an injury. Documentation of all treatment that has already been done for the injury should also be obtained. Try to get a plan from the physician in regard to how long the injury is expected to be treated until you can return to work.

2. File an Official Request with Your Supervisor for Time Off

After you have medical documentation from your physician, file an official request for time off. Even if you get denied again, the official request will come in handy if the situation ends up in court. Make sure that you show your supervisor your medical documents when requesting time off so he or she will know the severity of your injury. Remain cordial as you try to get through the situation so your supervisor won't be able to make false statements that can hurt you in court, such as claiming that you are aggressive. You basically don't want to give the supervisor a reason to fire you as you are making your request for time off.

3. Speak to a Workers Compensation Attorney for Help

If you are finally granted time off from but have been refused workers compensation benefits for your living expenses, talk with a lawyer, like Daniels Long & Pinsel, as soon as possible. The attorney can look over your case and gather evidence to help you get the denial overturned. You might not only be able to get the benefits that you need, but might also be able to sue your supervisor for the way he or she has been treating you. An attorney will also make sure that your workers compensation benefits are a fair amount.


17 March 2017

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