3 Complex Situations In Which Hiring A Trust Attorney Is A Good Decision

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Most people assume that all there is to seeing to it that their affairs are in order is to create a will, appoint a trustee, and make arrangements. However, estate planning is not always so easy and it is highly probable that some situations will bring about complications with your estate and for your estate trustee upon your death. When estate distribution is bound to be difficult, it is always best to appoint a trust attorney to oversee the situation and help the trustee through everything. Check out these complicated scenarios when hiring an attorney to oversee your designated estate trustee would be a good idea. 

If you are a business owner, it is best to hire a trust attorney. 

Being a business owner means that your assets will be completely different from the average person, but this also means there can be more debts to be dealt with and more complex issues that can come up for your trustee when you pass away. Any time you own a business, it is best to appoint a trustworthy trustee, but also speak with a trust attorney to oversee delegation of assets and actions by the trustee. 

If you have several heirs, it is best to hire a trust attorney. 

If you have several children, stepchildren, or even significant others past and current, it is best to include a trust attorney in your estate planning processes and to oversee the trustee once you are gone. In general terms, the more living heirs you have, the more complicated your will and trust can be because there is a higher likelihood of someone contesting the plans you have in place. Make sure you plan early, lay out clear plans with your trustee, and include an attorney in all stages to avoid confusion and problems later on.

 If you owe a lot of debts, it is best to hire a trust attorney. 

Debts will not disappear because you leave this life; they will be left to contend with by the appointed trustee. In most cases, debts will have to paid before distribution of the estate and your assets, which can definitely make the process a lot more complicated. It is a good idea to have a clear-cut plan of action in place for your debts with a trust attorney, like Wright Law Offices, PLLC, who can ensure these monies are paid in logical terms and your trustee does not accidentally get caught having to pay your bills. 


12 March 2017

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