Winning The Lottery: 3 Ways To Avoid Major Pitfalls & Problems

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Winning the lottery is often a pipe dream for many people. It's an instant way to win millions of dollars. When it does happen, there are many benefits and exciting things, but there are also a lot of important considerations to think about. You'll likely hear a lot of talk from family, friends, and complete strangers. Understanding all of your options and getting the best answers is the best way to move forward successfully with your lottery winnings. Paying taxes and avoiding any type of legal trouble are just two of the things that you will want to avoid. By using this guide, you can take the proper steps to get legal help and ensure that your lottery winning is a blessing and not a curse.

Legal Advice Attorney

You may want to go out and celebrate your lottery winnings, but it's best to keep quiet for a little bit and seek legal advice. Legal advice does not mean tips from your family or friends. It's not something that can be easily searched. Legal advice is personal advice given to you by a trained lawyer. Every case is different and this is why it's important to seek the advice of a legal advice attorney. This attorney can give you tips for a variety of topics related to winning the lottery. The first type of advice can deal with your declaration of winning. This includes tips on visiting lottery headquarters, announcing the winning to the media, and preparing any legal statements about you winning.

Additional legal advice can help you handle splitting or collecting winnings. There are many types of lottery pools or families that chose to purchase tickets together. Getting professional advice can ensure that the tickets are properly split among parties. There may also be laws and things that you are not even aware of. A lawyer can help bring up these topics and cover a wide range of needs.


Winning the lottery typically means that you are about to come into a huge windfall of money. Managing that money in the proper ways can ensure that it stays protected. An accountant can help set up separate accounts, increase savings, and find you a variety of investments to look into. Another way an accountant can help is by setting up automatic deposits and transfers. For example, you can set a specific amount to get transferred into a savings account every month. This will help you tuck money away and allow you to build a savings that lasts for multiple years.

Choosing Payouts

Both an accountant and legal advice attorney can help you with one of the main lottery decisions you need to make. This is the choice of whether to take one lump sum payment or to spread the payments out over multiple years. A lawyer can give you advice on the legalities of it, any debt that you may have, and how it can impact your taxes or income brackets in future years. This can help you decide on home purchases, future schooling for children, or other life goals that you may have.

An accountant can help you estimate your annual expenses. If they exceed the typical payouts, then they may recommend the lump sum. It all depends on what types of purchases you plan on making. This includes houses, vehicles, land, or other expensive elements that you want to have paid off. By creating a living plan, you will have a good idea of how much you want or need to spend on an annual basis. This can also help you select the proper savings accounts that you need.

Getting professional help is the way to go when winning the lottery. Listening to too many family and friends can lead to major problems in the future.


23 February 2017

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