3 Challenges Of A Car Accident Case That Caused A Miscarriage


If you were pregnant and lost your unborn child in a recent car accident, your car accident lawsuit will have several unique challenges compared to other types of car accidents. To settle your case and receive compensation for all your losses, you will need to hire a personal injury lawyer for help. Your lawyer will help you work through the case, and this will include working through these three unique challenges.

Proving The Accident Caused The Miscarriage

One of the hardest parts of winning a car accident case that involved a miscarriage is proving the accident is what really caused you to lose the baby. This can be especially hard if the miscarriage did not occur right after the accident.

The opposing party will try to fight this by coming up with evidence that may prove the accident did not cause you to lose the baby. One of the most common defenses for cases like this is that the pregnant woman would have lost the baby even if the accident had not happened. This can be proved if the woman has a history of miscarriages, but it can be hard to prove for a woman that is pregnant for the first time.

To prove that the accident did cause you to lose the baby, you may need to take a few extra steps, which include:

  • Talking to your doctor – You can gather your medical history and get your doctor's opinion about the case.
  • Hiring an accident reconstruction expert – Another good way to prove your side is by hiring an expert to recreate the accident. This expert might be able to prove the accident caused trauma directly to your stomach, and this could be enough evidence to prove your case.

Your lawyer will help you find other methods to use that may also help prove your case.

Making Sense During An Emotional Time In Life

A second challenge this can present is the emotional trauma it creates to a woman. Going through a miscarriage can be one of the hardest events a woman will ever face in life. It can leave emotional scars for a lifetime, and it is not something most women can get over quickly. Because of this, trying to work through a car accident lawsuit can be difficult. It can be hard to think clearly and make good decisions when you are experiencing a lot of trauma, but that is why it is important to have a good lawyer helping you.

Placing A Value On The Loss

Finally, it can be challenging to try to place a monetary value on this type of loss. Car accident cases can involve several different types of monetary awards for damages, but how much is losing a baby worth in a case? Your lawyer will probably base the amount he or she asks for on the effects this loss had on your life.

The case may take a while to settle, and this time will allow the lawyer to keep in touch with you to find out how this is affecting you. If it had serious effects on your health and your mind, your lawyer will probably ask for a large amount of money to compensate you for this.

Determining values for any type of loss is never easy, but it can be even harder when a car accident leads to a miscarriage.

If you were recently involved in a car accident and are suffering because of a miscarriage, you should contact a personal injury attorney now. He or she will help you work through your case and receive compensation for all your suffering.

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3 November 2015

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