Side Impact Or T-Bone Accidents: Determining Liability By Collecting Evidence

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T-bone accidents, or side impact accidents, generally happen at intersections and occur when one vehicle collides with the side of another vehicle. Generally speaking, T-bone accidents result in more serious injuries in comparison to other types of auto accidents, and it is not uncommon for drivers to be ejected somewhat out of their seat. Proving liability can be difficult in these cases, so speak with a car accident attorney as soon as you can in order to determine what you should do in order to build a strong case.

Evidence Required for Proving Liability

At times, it can be difficult to prove liability in T-bone accidents since many circumstances can affect the cause behind the collision. As a result, it is crucial that you collect sufficient evidence for your car accident attorney to build a strong case against the other party. Collect evidence by:

  • recording the exact time of the accident. Although this may not necessarily be helpful at all times, some traffic lights operate on an automated program. If you can prove the time of the accident, you may be able to prove whether or not you had a red light or a green light.
  • obtaining witness information. The best possible evidence to collect during a T-bone accident at a red light intersection is witness testimony. Witnesses can provide detailed information regarding who had the right of way, and the manner in which the accident happened. Don't hesitate to ask those around whether they had witnessed the accident, and whether they would give you their name and contact information.
  • having a dashboard camera. A dashboard camera costs on average anywhere from $100 to $150 although you can find models that are both cheaper and more expensive depending on the features that you are seeking. A dashboard camera will record the entire accident, and the video can be submitted as evidence in court.
  • taking photographs of the scene of the crime. This will give the insurance adjuster and your car accident attorney a better idea of the layout of the street, whether there were any stop signs, whether there were any red lights and other crucial details that could make or break your case.
  • calling the police. A police report is generally much more detailed than what you may remember, and may contain some facts that you have forgotten due to shock or anxiety experienced after the accident.
  • obtaining a detailed medical examination that details the extent and severity of any injuries that you have sustained as a result of the accident and the medications and the medical treatments that are required for a full recovery. 

Proving Negligence and Liability

The evidence that you have collected will be used to prove that the driver at-fault had a legal obligation and duty of care to operate the vehicle in a safe manner that was breached by his or her negligence. After proving fault, your car accident attorney will need to prove that his or her breach was the direct and proximate cause of your injuries. 

Depending on whether you reside in a comparative or contributory fault state, the driver at-fault may attempt to make claims regarding your contribution to the accident. Your car accident attorney will need to be able to defend you should this happen, as it may affect the amount of compensation that you are legally entitled to and will be awarded.


The medical costs involved with treating injuries from a T-bone accident run high. Speak with a car accident attorney as soon as you can after the accident in order to protect yourself legally and in order to still be able to collect the evidence needed to build a strong legal case.


11 May 2015

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