5 Creative Ways To Ease Your Children Through Your Divorce


While divorce is becoming more and more common, children still struggle to understand the concept of their parents separating and don't know what it means for them. While your divorce is undoubtedly going to have a significant impact on your children, you can help set the stage for a positive outcome by being supportive and avoiding contention with your former spouse. Here are 5 creative ways to ease your children through divorce, child custody, and child support proceedings.

1. Help Your Child Be Active 

Your child may have difficulty coming to terms with the overwhelming myriad of emotions they're feeling when you announce your divorce. This is normal, but kids need an outlet for their fears and frustrations. Help your child be more active by signing them up for a class they'll enjoy, or simply going to the park and taking a walk every other day. Being active in sports like basketball or martial arts can give your child the time and tools they need to process their emotions without being destructive. 

2. Create a Quiet Space For Your Child 

Not only do children need a physical outlet for their emotions, they also need quiet time to think. Create a special quiet place for your child that is just for them, and encourage them to use it regularly. Decorate the space with fun colors, put up a bookshelf with their favorite reads, and don't forget a cozy pillow and blanket for snuggling. 

3. Put Together a Fun Calendar With Visitation Dates 

One of the biggest concerns a child has after a divorce is not knowing when they will see either of their parents. Being tossed back and forth between homes without knowing what to expect and when would be frightening for anyone, let alone a child. You can help make the child custody transition easier for your child by putting together a fun calendar that shows when your child will be with which parent. Put the calendar in a prominent place where your child can check to see if they will be spending the weekend with Mom or Dad.

4. Get Artsy 

Art is another great way for children to process their feelings. Set aside some time for a one-on-one art project with you and your little one. Play music that is special to you and your child in the background, and enjoy painting, drawing, or coloring with your child. If your child wants to discuss the divorce, go ahead. However, this activity can still be quite effective even if they choose not to speak about what is going on. Your child will subconsciously create art that relates to what he or she is feeling, not only helping them to process their emotions, but it may also give you clues on how to approach discussions with your child in the future.

5. Start New Traditions Together 

Children often worry about what the future will hold after a divorce and child custody proceedings. Help your child to look forward to the future by creating new traditions together. For example, you could have pizza and rent a movie every Friday night, or go to the library for a new book to enjoy together once a week. 

There are dozens of different ways you can help your child through the challenges that divorce brings to a family. Use your creativity to help your child cope and to create fun new ways for you and your child to engage each other in conversation and play. By taking an active role in giving your child the tools they need to overcome the obstacles presented by divorce, you can give your child the best chance for a positive, loving future. 


4 February 2015

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